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Project Name: Loyola Interchange Project

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The Loyola Interchange Project is a Design-Build project that will create an entrance ramp into the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Gilchrist Construction Company is the prime contractor on this project and plans to utilize a diverging diamond interchange to improve traffic flow at the intersection of Loyola Dr. and I-10, which eliminates the need for a left turn signal at the interstate. This would be one of the first diverging diamond interchanges constructed in Louisiana, and would reconfigure the proposed elevated on and off ramps from New Orleans to a single structure in the median of Airport Access Road south of Veterans Blvd. Gilchrist also plans to provide aesthetic enhancements, a first for the region that include color, creative lighting, and landscaping. This project is being funded by the state’s first issuance of GARVEE bonds - special bonds that are repaid using federal funds. A design-build contract execution was done late 2019. This project is projected to cost $125.6 million. Once the design phase is completed, construction is anticipated to begin in early 2020, with an estimated completion of mid to late 2023. Providence will serve as the Construction Quality Control Firm and provide utility relocation monitoring, and Environmental Compliance management. As the Construction Quality Control Firm (CQCF), Providence will also provide the Construction Quality Control Manager (CQCM) and parts of the Construction Quality Management Plan (CQMP) that specify the CQCF and CQCM scopes of work. Additionally, the CQCF will supply an independent testing lab as part of the project’s overall Quality Control requirements. For the On-site Utility Relocation Monitoring, Providence will inspect and verify that the utility companies are relocating at the desired horizontal location and depth as shown in the approved permit drawings and Utility Relocation Agreement (URA). Providence will provide weekly utility monitoring reports to the Design-Build team so that constant utility relocation status can be assessed. For the Environmental Compliance Monitoring, Providence will serve as the project’s Environmental Compliance Manager (ECM) and  monitor construction activities to ensure compliance within the environmental permits, as well as state and federal laws and regulations. Providence will review the SWPPP, approved Environmental Assessment document, Hazardous Material Plan, and ensure compliance during the construction duration and enforce compliance measures according to the documents. Providence will prepare storm water inspection reports after every 0.5 inch of rainfall, or at minimum generate a weekly report if no rainfall events. The ECM will report on environmental compliance and measures taken at the weekly progress meeting. The ECM will review, approve, and sign monthly environmental status reports to ensure continued compliance is being accomplished. All reports will be submitted to the Quality Manager for review and acceptance with progress reports for pay estimates. 

Services Provided

Construction Quality Control
Utility Relocation Monitoring
Environmental Compliance

  • Jefferson Parish
Completion Date
  • Estimated 2023