Providence is Committed to Providing for the Future; To Our Trusted Clients

On March 26th, the US EPA issued a memorandum related to environmental compliance activities and COVID-19.  In response, Providence wants to assure each of you that we are open and operating at full capacity. We all know firsthand the importance of our work, and we will continue to operate as an essential infrastructure business. If you or your facility have any concerns regarding maintaining environmental compliance during staff shortages or inaccessibility, call us. We are here to help bridge the gap.

In the event you do have to delay sampling, monitoring, reporting, or any other obligations, Providence can assist with any documentation, including the reason for the delay and efforts made to comply during this uncertain time.     

Again, Providence is here to fully support you, our trusted clients, during this crisis. As employee-owners, we all remain committed to being beneficial stewards of the environment, and we all hold ourselves to the highest standard possible for the health and well-being of our employees, clients, and communities.

In closing, should your facility not have the resources necessary to fulfill its environmental obligations, Providence is here to serve. We will continue to focus on our shared, unwavering commitment to the environment.