Restore Louisiana and Providence Still Encouraging August Flood Victims to Fill Out Survey

Jennifer Perkins, Restore Louisiana Team Member and Providence Disaster Recovery Project Manager, was featured on the Lafayette news as part of its update on the Restore Louisiana Program, designed to aid homeowners in recovering from the historic 2016 March and August flooding.  In the clip, Perkins drove home the most important step in order to receive assistance is completing the survey. "They should definitely take advantage of this opportunity, no matter where they are in their recovery phase even if they have not started repairs yet or even if they are completed, they finished all of their repairs, there is still a reimbursement component of this program available,” said Perkins. The full video with additional information can be found here.

Anyone who needs help can call Restore Louisiana at 866-735-2001 on weekdays from 8am-6pm, or visit its website.