Our Technology Services

Providence builds world-class technologies for accurate, reliable measurement, and analysis.  

Providence creates technology solutions that simplify data management challenges by seamlessly integrating data processing systems and the end user. Much of our work involves advanced regulatory and voluntary environmental reporting, which requires the ability to capture and calculate data quickly and efficiently. Our problem-solving approach is structured to deliver accurate, cost-effective solutions that leverage the most appropriate technology available. We also provide research and consulting services focused on developing new technologies and expanding the application of existing technologies.

Learn more about our suite of technology solutions below and contact us if you have questions or need more information:

Advanced Leak Detection

Photonics, a research and development arm of Providence, specializes in the development and utilization of advanced technology in optical gas imaging. Photonics is tackling some of industry’s most challenging environmental and safety problems. Using advanced computer vision techniques and state-of-the-art infrared and multi-spectral imagers, Providence delivers solutions for many applications, including autonomous remote leak detection and flare combustion efficiency monitoring.

We have also developed a unique method for optical gas imager calibration. Through an innovative ongoing R&D project, Photonics has built an autonomous leak detection system prototype that yields compelling performance. The system, which utilizes advanced computer vision techniques, has demonstrated the ability to detect small hydrocarbon leaks (1-2 lbs/hr) at distances of several hundred feet. The research program has led to other new optical imaging technologies with multiple patent applications, and long-term pilot projects are currently underway.


FLIR Camera Accessories

Providence to provide new paragraph...

  • Optics
  • Enclosures
  • Gimbals
  • Encoders
  • Software

Integrated Systems 

  • Fixed installation
  • Mobile platforms

Autonomous Leak Detection

  • FLIR-based
  • Nova-based
  • Exxon-branded
  • Dual-sensor

Calibration/Verification Tool (in development)

  • View a technical paper describing our approach

Flare Combustion Efficiency Monitor (in development)

  • View a technical paper describing our approach


Providence focuses our software programmers and engineers on solving environmental management challenges by linking leading-edge measurement technologies with unique, innovative applications. We specialize in developing, customizing and implementing software technologies to meet our clients’ data collection and management challenges — ultimately reducing their costs and increasing efficiency.

What sets Providence apart? Our staff's expertise and experience in five key areas:

  • Broad background in analytical chemistry and instrumentation
  • Solid knowledge of electronic components and control devices
  • Expertise in scientific programming and software development
  • Cutting-edge data communication technologies
  • Thorough understanding of the regulatory context in which the monitoring system is needed

By combining regulatory knowledge with software development and instrumentation expertise, we’ve become exceptionally proficient at design custom software that directly addresses our clients’ unique compliance and reporting needs. We offer custom software solutions utilizing a variety of technologies including Microsoft Office solutions (MS Access and MS Excel), which utilize Visual Basic macros to provide data collection and notification features as well as complex calculations and formatting. SharePoint-enabled forms and reports allow for highly customized applications to match your existing workflows. Our solutions can be deployed locally or hosted by Providence with guaranteed uptime and data security.

Providence also provides web-based software using industry standard tools such as ASP.NET 4.0 and 4.5, SQL Server 2008/2010, JQuery, and Crystal Reports. These solutions can meet the needs of a variety of environmental or business requirements and can be deployed as Internet or intranet applications. We’re also actively engaged in implementing third-party EMIS software products to enable environmental compliance-related data management.


Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Products

Providence offers a line of dispersion modeling products custom-developed to match the environmental industry’s unique needs. From accidental release to continuous release dispersion modeling, our software can get the job done. Our dispersion modeling products include:

  • BEEST Suite
  • Professional CALFPUFF
  • SLAB
  • 112(r) Suite

To learn more about our software offerings, please visit www.providenceoris.com. 

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