Providence to Host Coastal Permitting Webinar - Navigating Permitting in Louisiana’s Coastal Zone

To protect Louisiana’s valuable coastal resources, permitting is required for certain projects in Louisiana’s Coastal Zone. Regina Staten, Natural Resource & Coastal Services Deputy Director, and the Providence Natural Resource & Coastal Services Team will host a webinar on Wednesday, August 12th from 2-3PM that will provide insight on the major regulatory agencies and their objectives during the joint permit application review process, the differences in permitting inside and outside the Coastal Zone, key steps to take prior to submittal, and tips for avoiding an incomplete checklist during application processing. There will be a Q&A session immediately following the webinar.

To register, please email [email protected] Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the details on the webinar.

About our Coastal Permitting Expert: Regina Staten has over 13 years of experience in environmental compliance assistance and permitting. She has managed numerous industrial, commercial, residential, and private sector projects to ensure regulatory compliance with all federal, state, and local resource agencies. Her experience includes Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR)/Office of Coastal Management Coastal Use Permitting, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Section 10/404 and Nationwide permitting, levee board permitting, Special Use Permitting, Section 7, Section 106 and Section 401 permitting, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning. Ms. Staten has conducted regulatory permitting in LA, MS, AK, KY, AL, TX, TN, and FL. She has served as a liaison to multiple federal, state, and local regulatory and resource agencies. Previously, she worked as a Coastal Resource Scientist Supervisor at the LDNR-OCM, where she evaluated and made recommendations to Department officials regarding federal, state, commercial and private sector projects with potentially large environmental and/or legal consequences.