Providence to Host Air Dispersion Modeling Webinar on SCREEN3

Providence is hosting an air dispersion modeling webinar on SCREEN3 and anyone dealing with air permitting or air quality projects is welcome to attend.

Air dispersion modeling is a necessary part of many air permitting projects. Leslie Fifita, Providence Senior Modeler, will show users how to run the basic single-source EPA model SCREEN3. SCREEN3 can be used to quickly estimate ambient concentrations from sources of emissions. Understanding SCREEN3 will introduce users to the drivers of air dispersion modeling and help improve communication between modelers and regulators. We hope that you will join us online on Wednesday, November 18th from 2-3 pm. There will be a Q&A session immediately following the webinar.

To register, please email [email protected]. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the details on the webinar. 

About our Air Dispersion Modeling Expert: Leslie Fifita has nearly 20 years of air quality experience, the majority of which is in air quality environmental consulting. She is an expert in air dispersion modeling with experience working with clients in the chemical, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, power, and pulp and paper industries. She also helps teach air modeling training courses and promote Providence’s air modeling software. Please email any questions to [email protected]