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For services and teaming opportunities, contact Terral Martin, PLS, RPLS at 985-876-6380. 

Providence Engineering and Design, LLC

LA #623 (Surveying)
TX #10194193 (Surveying)
MS #466 (Surveying)

As professional surveyors, we’re passionate about solving problems and driven by results. We constantly field test the latest technologies and practices in order to offer the best solutions available. Additionally, we organize, visualize, and analyze surveying data, from both a geographic and business perspective, to provide the most actionable information possible. Our end goal is simple -- to turn collected data into relevant, useful intelligence.

Our experienced staff of professional land surveyors, field crews, and survey/CAD technicians are qualified to meet a broad range of client needs. Our industrial, commercial, and residential surveying is completed in accordance with industry best practices as well as local regulations and standards. Additionally, we routinely measure and map existing site surface conditions and subterranean utilities in both urban and rural developments across all types of terrain.

Our specialties include: 


  • ALTA/ACSM (Land Title Surveys)
  • Builder’s Packages
  • Mortgage Surveys
  • Elevation Certificates
  • No-Work Affidavit
  • Records Research
  • Pre- and Post-Construction


  • Pipeline
  • Roadway
  • Drainage & Sewer
  • Utility
  • Subdivisions
  • Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Permit Drawings & Applications


  • Aerial Photography
  • 3D Mapping & Modeling
  • Point Cloud
  • Aerial Ground Control


  • Magnetometer Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Pipeline Waterway Crossings
  • Single-Beam Echo Sounder


  • Utility Location Surveys
  • Non-Destructive Identification
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Hydro-Excavating
  • Quality Levels A, B, C, & D


  • Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)
  • Post-Processing (Static Surveys)
  • Network or Base Station Referenced


  • Route Selection
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Design Layout
  • Pipeline Surveys

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE, at 225-766-7400.

Construction delays and conflicts are often a direct result of utilities being unidentified and improperly located. Many of these issues can be resolved prior to construction by using Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services, which utilizes a variety of non-destructive techniques to locate and identify existing buried utilities. These utilities can then be accurately mapped to aid in the advanced planning of a project by identifying the utilities that need to be relocated and those that may be avoided. Utility mapping services can be provided for any SUE Quality Level, described as follows:

  • Quality Level D: Identifies and & tentatively locates utilities based on records research and interviews.
  • Quality Level C: Physical survey of visible above ground utility features and markings to correspond with utility record information for each of the markings identified and includes Quality Level D.
  • Quality Level B: Determines the existence and approximate horizontal location of subsurface utilities. Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) and other non-destructive techniques are commonly used and includes Quality Levels C and D.
  • Quality Level A: Provides 3D mapping of existing utilities based on information derived from hydro-excavating and other means to identify & locate utilities. The resulting 3D maps may be used to either design around potential utility conflicts or prepare utility relocation plans and includes Quality Levels B, C, and D.

Our SUE professionals have over 15 years of experience in: utility record research, coordination with utility companies, and non-destructive identification of existing utilities using advanced utility locating and hydro-excavating equipment. We also recently added a GPR unit to our SUE equipment. Providence is not only able to identify and map the existing utilities, but also able to provide utility relocation and oversight services during or prior to construction to minimize conflicts. 

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