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Providence’s experience and expertise produce
accurate, actionable information.

For services and teaming opportunities, contact Terral Martin, PLS, RPLS, at 985-876-6380 or Marissa Lingoni at 225-766-7400.

Providence Engineering and Design, LLC

LA #623 (Surveying)
TX #10194193 (Surveying)
MS #466 (Surveying)

As professional surveyors, we’re passionate about solving problems and driven by results. We constantly field test the latest technologies and practices in order to offer the best solutions available. Additionally, we organize, visualize, and analyze  surveying data, from both a geographic and business perspective, to provide the most actionable information possible. Our end goal is simple -- to turn collected data into relevant, useful intelligence.

Our experienced staff of professional land surveyors, field crews, and survey/CAD technicians are qualified to meet a broad range of client needs. Our industrial, commercial, and residential surveying is completed in accordance with industry best practices as well as local regulations and standards. Additionally, we routinely measure and map existing site surface conditions and subterranean utilities in both urban and rural developments across all types of terrain.

Our specialties include: land title and boundary, topographic, pipeline and route, construction, hydrographic, mapping, right-of-way, as-built, mortgage, aerial photography control, utility location, elevation certificate, courthouse research, permit drawings and applications.

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