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Providence helps solve the shifting personnel puzzle.

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Providence’s placement services are designed to fit each client’s unique needs. Should your company experience cyclical ups and downs, we can help you manage your contract employees through quick, efficient workforce fluctuations. We can also provide support to fulfill your long-term business goals, to supplement your project-based hiring, or to meet temporary placement needs.

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Disaster Response Services

When a disaster strikes, skilled personnel with the proper credentials must be quickly mobilized. With a database of more than 1,000 experienced professionals, Providence is a proven leader in program and disaster recovery placement. We can provide highly trained, on-site placement to communities, government agencies, and programs across the nation. Our disaster response services include:

  • Debris monitoring and management
  • Assessment of critical infrastructure
  • Agency coordination
  • Funding identification
  • Project closeouts and auditing
  • Back-up communication and IT services
  • Mobile command and control centers
  • Temporary housing assessments and engineering

Staff Augmentation

Providence provides highly trained, competent on-site personnel to government agencies, industry, programs, and communities across the nation in a wide range of expertise and specialties for both management and technical support. Whether the need is hourly, daily, project-based, or long-term, our capacity is considerable given our database of over 1,000 experienced professionals.  We have provided personnel and placement services for a variety of different needs.  These include:

Placement for Industry

Providence has several environmental engineers on-site at industrial facilities serving as environmental managers or support personnel. The aforementioned personnel have been placed at these locations based on client requests to augment facility/company personnel, help comply with all applicable rules and regulations, and manage all compliance related activities.

Placement for Government

Providence has placed personnel in environmental, technical, and administrative roles at various government entities to help assist with the planning, designing, implementing, and monitoring of state and federal programs.

Placement for Disaster Recovery

Providence has repeatedly helped local, state, and federal agencies with placement demands related to disaster management and response.  The personnel required immediately after a major disaster demands a variety of skill sets which Providence supplies with ease through its contractor database.

Providence’s personnel are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of environmental services, planning, community outreach, economic and community development, hazard mitigation, and disaster recovery management. Having placed hundreds of positions in recent historical projects, many within a very tight time frame, Providence stands ready to assist with your placement needs.

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