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From project conception to completion, Providence provides our clients with the highest quality engineering services delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our team of professional engineers utilize the latest technologies and cost-conscious strategies to deliver dynamic solutions across a wide variety of projects involving permitting, feasibility studies, environmental studies, design, construction administration and inspection, and project management.

Our team embraces the ethical responsibility to have a positive impact on the quality of life for all people and the environment. Our engineers and technicians are continually learning new technologies and new approaches to the projects with which we are tasked; enabling us to provide our clients with the highest quality services.


For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE, at 225-766-7400. 

Coastal and estuarine systems present complex issues and challenges. Providence provides creative methodologies derived from a unique blend of scientists, engineers, planners, and environmental permitting specialists — all experts with considerable industry experience and technical knowledge. We offer a full scope of professional services for engineered coastal structures, coastal zone projects, wetlands and waterway environmental permitting projects, as well as all phases of project analysis, engineering design, construction management, and monitoring.

Governing bodies are making a tremendous effort to formulate a comprehensive approach to coastal restoration — a plan Providence strives to support through permitting, compliance, remediation, and design services, as well as our long-standing relationships with governmental decision makers. We’re proud to actively advocate for these long-term strategic plans to enhance Louisiana’s coastal regions.

Transportation Services

For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE, at 225-766-7400.

Providence is a trusted resource for innovative solutions to a multitude of transportation and transportation-related projects. Our engineers apply proven methodologies and technologies to support our clients’ transportation goals, strengthen communities, and positively impact quality of life.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience, we confidently guide projects through planning and zoning, feasibility studies, environmental studies, preliminary design, mapping/plotting, and final design. Our team uses the latest advancements in design, scheduling, and cost estimating technology — backed up by extensive field analysis — to ensure every project is designed and managed effectively.


For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE,  at 225-766-7400. 

The Providence power team can accommodate all your electrical needs - from the power plant to the consumer. Our team is well versed in the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and the National Electric Code (NEC), professionally licensed in 20 states, and skilled in a broad range of disciplines that serve both the private and public sectors. Our constant goal is to help clients find sensible, safe answers to any power-related issue.

In addition to traditional electrical engineering, Providence also offers two specialized high-voltage services, electrical utility engineering and private utility system management.

Electrical Utility Engineering

Our team has designed and managed numerous miles of transmission and distribution line construction. These projects have included route selection, environmental studies and permitting, surveying, design and construction management. With experience in the design and management of more than 50 substations, Providence can not only formalize plans for a fully functioning substation, but also manage the bid process, station construction, contractor billing, and close-out documentation.

Our power team also has experience with conducting studies and completing plans that direct a utility to upgrade or modify an existing system. Additionally, our qualified personnel can execute all necessary joint use, work order, and as-built inspections. We have also performed numerous electrical inspections after major storms to determine line and station damages, as well as coordinated restoration crews. Click here to learn more about our electrical utility services

Private Utility System Management

The Providence power team offers complete management of your high-voltage distribution system with public power resources scaled to your needs. We can provide reliable planning, management, engineering, material procurement, and construction customizable to any client’s needs. Click here to learn more about our private utility system management services.

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CE&I)

For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE, at 225-766-7400.

Our Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) team is committed to ensuring all projects are executed in accordance with plan specifications, and are completed on schedule. Our qualified professionals have the background and expertise to manage, inspect, and document entire transportation projects while also ensuring consistent communication with the client or agency.

Our reliable processes not only allow us to be proactive on any potential issues, but also provide a roadmap for ensuring the entire scope of work is fulfilled. Our engineers are a valuable resource throughout the entire project lifecycle who can recommend cost-effective issue resolutions to keep the project moving forward and on track, with the highest level of quality. Specific CE&I services include: daily inspections by a LA DOTD Certified Inspector, detailed record keeping, contractor coordination, issue resolution, budgetary audits, schedule management, quality assurance & quality control, value engineering, cost estimating, and change order pricing.

Utility Services & Drainage

For services and teaming opportunities, contact Melanie Caillouet, PE, at 985-876-6380.

Providence offers a full range of engineering and design services associated with municipal utility systems. With respect to sanitary sewer systems, we have successfully provided our clients with engineering, design, and construction administration for gravity systems, force mains, and lift stations. We also perform inflow and infiltration (I&I) studies to assist clients in identifying and prioritizing repairs for existing systems. Our experience with municipal water systems includes design and construction oversight for potable water distribution systems, as well as modifications and improvements within existing water treatment facilities. We aim to deliver high-quality engineering services in a timely, efficient manner no matter the project.


Effective drainage systems are imperative for water safety, flood prevention, and resource conservation. With a team of experts possessing multidisciplinary knowledge, Providence is a valued resource for drainage creation, improvements, and management.


For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE,  at 225-766-7400.

Providence’s full range of engineering services includes planning, permitting, design, construction administration, repair/rehabilitation of levees, along with other water conveyance and storage structures. Our staff’s collective experience includes a wide spectrum of projects including: flood control, channelization, containment of dredged materials, berms for water and wastewater storage ponds and tanks, and slope protection.

Providence has been a valued partner in keeping coastal communities in the Gulf region and beyond protected for many years. Our professional experience and client-focused approach continue to make the difference.


For services and teaming opportunities, contact Gary Leonards, PE, at 225-766-7400.

Even as new approaches to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste continue to be developed, landfill operations remain the backbone of solid waste management. Providence is experienced in all areas of landfill assessment, engineering, and management for both public and private sector clients. We have conducted the full range of landfill and other solid waste facility-related studies, design, and construction projects. As industry experts, Providence engineers and scientists operate at the forefront of comprehensive landfill facility planning, design, permitting, construction, operations, closure, monitoring, and compliance.


For services and teaming opportunities, contact Melanie Caillouet, PE, at 985-876-6380 or Gary Leonards, PE, at 225-766-7400. 

Providence has nearly seven decades of in-depth experience providing engineering services for new and existing facilities. We provide design, feasibility studies, cost analyses, project management, and construction oversight. With an overall project delivery approach of design-build or design-award-build, our facilities services range from conceptualization to design, post-design services, and construction administration.

Site Development

For services and teaming opportunities, contact Terral Martin, PLS, RPLS, at 985-876-6380.

Providence provides comprehensive site development services to meet our clients' unique needs. From pre-development planning and the critical permitting stage to client representation during construction, we have completed thousands of siting studies, environmental permitting, and licensing projects for facilities throughout the country. Drawing on our expertise in facility planning, design, construction, and operations, we collaborate with clients to incorporate timely, effective solutions into our site developments.

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