Providence Photonics Featured in 10/12 Industry Report on Proprietary Infrared Technologies

Providence, Providence Photonics, and Providence Photonics CEO, Yousheng Zeng, PhD, PE, were recently featured in a 10/12 Industry Report article titled, “On the Emissions Trail.” The article shed light on the practice of using infrared cameras to detect leaks at industrial sites across the Gulf South and whether or not it will gain EPA acceptance.

As mentioned in the article, Providence was and continues to pioneer the development and marketing of infrared technology, working closely with industry to develop numerous product offerings. This strategic, efficient growth in IR technology is what prompted Providence to spin off a separate company, Providence Photonics, in 2013 with Zeng as its leader. Providence Photonics currently uses, “patented technology, advanced computer vision techniques, and infrared single and multispectral imagers to deliver solutions for including leak quantification, leak survey validation, autonomous remote leak detection, and flare combustion efficiency monitoring.” To learn more about the infrared technology and Providence Photonics, click HERE to view the full article or visit