Providence/ORIS Releases AERMOD Wizard

Providence/Oris is excited to announce the release of AERMOD Wizard! This new utility has a clickable map interface that allows for quick, efficient searches and downloads of both surface and upper air meteorological data for all US stations and ambient monitoring data of all criteria pollutants from the EPA AirData system.

With the downloaded meteorological data, users can call and run AERMET and AERMINUTE to process raw data into an AERMOD-ready format. With the ambient pollutant data, users can create an AERMOD-ready background data file that can be built using any of the temporal modes in AERMOD.  If you’re conducting Tier 3 NO2 modeling with the AERMOD’s OLM or PVMRM algorithms, AERMOD Wizard can construct an hourly ozone file and include routines for statistical evaluation of the raw data.  

Other data analysis tools built into AERMOD Wizard include Wind Rose, Pollutant Rose, and Forward Trajectory tools. The Wind Rose and Pollution Rose can also be exported to Google Earth, and the Forward Trajectory tool plots the trajectories on AERMOD Wizard’s map or writes a text file of all trajectory points. Last, but not least, AERMOD Wizard allows user input of source(s) of visibility-obscuring pollutants and then produce Q/D calculations for any number of Class I areas. 

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