Providence Air Quality Experts Featured as Part of A&WMA Continuous Emission Monitoring Webinar

Mindi Faubion, PE, Providence Air Quality Director, and Paul Hollis, Providence Air Quality Field Services Manager, will be part of an expert panel leading a two-part webinar hosted by the Air & Waste Management Association to discuss the regulatory requirements and testing methods that govern CEMS design and operations. Technical considerations for selecting and designing continuous sampling, data acquisition, and reporting systems will be reviewed, along with how to successfully execute Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA).  Lessons learned and frequently asked questions will be shared throughout both presentations.

Part I of the webinar will focus on key regulatory requirements for CEMS applications and sample system design considerations and will be on Wednesday, May 1st from 1-3pm. Part II will cover additional regulatory requirements, data management, and accuracy testing and will be on Thursday, May 2nd from 1-3pm. For more information, click here.